From Chaos to Calm


It's hard to recognise chaos when it is a part of our routine. With restrictions in place on unnecessary travel, I felt it was the best time to take a pause and identify this chaos to bring a sense of calmness in my life. What did I do during this lockdown to get the most of the few peaceful hours a day I got you ask? Go ahead and read the complete article!

Personal Branding

I never miss an opportunity to promote myself. Being affectionate towards social media, I have always strived to create quality content. There were two things on my to-do list, which required my attention more than ever before; blogs and my personal website. This started as an upskilling initiative at work, and I began to develop a taste for blog writing. The feedback on the blogs have been great, and it has motivated me to work on exciting topics throughout the weeks.

I have thoroughly enjoyed all my ventures, be it video production, blog writing or singing. I wanted a space to creatively portray these to anyone interested in knowing more about me. What better than a personal website? During the lockdown, I finally got around to purchasing my domain name and designing my website. To be fair, I am super proud of it! Check it out:

Family Time

I didn't plan on spending five months in India with my family, but it was a delightful coincidence. In the last six years, I have never had an opportunity to stay home and spend time with my family for so long. We had the best time together. Sometimes we all get so involved in our busy and chaotic lives that we forget what it's like to take a break and spend some quality time together. The lockdown and the global pandemic made me realise how grateful I am to have such a fantastic family.

Great Balance

I have always liked being busy and being kept on my toes. Coming home exhausted at the end of the day gave me a sense of accomplishment. Little did I know that I could stay busy and peaceful at the same time. I enjoy cooking and spending quality time in the evenings, and I am so happy that I got to do all this while keeping busy at work at the same time during the lockdown.

At the beginning of the lockdown, I felt I couldn't work from home at all and had to get back to the office as soon as possible. As months have passed by, and I have moved from a lifestyle of 'Chaos to Calm', a mix of working from home and office sounds beneficial. What do you all think? Let me know how the lockdown has transformed your chaotic lifestyles.


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