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From Chaos to Calm

  It's hard to recognise chaos when it is a part of our routine. With restrictions in place on unnecessary travel, I felt it was the best time to take a pause and identify this chaos to bring a sense of calmness in my life. What did I do during this lockdown to get the most of the few peaceful hours a day I got you ask? Go ahead and read the complete article! Personal Branding I never miss an opportunity to promote myself. Being affectionate towards social media, I have always strived to create quality content. There were two things on my to-do list, which required my attention more than ever before; blogs and my personal website. This started as an upskilling initiative at work, and I began to develop a taste for blog writing. The feedback on the blogs have been great, and it has motivated me to work on exciting topics throughout the weeks. I have thoroughly enjoyed all my ventures, be it video production, blog writing or singing. I wanted a space to creatively portray these to an

Why did I choose Recruitment?

  People ask me this question a lot! Why did I make the move from urban planning to recruitment? To give you all some background, I completed my bachelor's in urban planning from School of Planning and Architecture Bhopal, which is one of India's top schools and I was awarded proficiency gold medal for securing first rank in the course. Yet I chose to continue my education and career in a completely different field. I'll explain why I did so in this article. Just because I made the switch, the soft skills I gained during my bachelor's education and my competitive nature to be on top never went away. I wasn't interested in taking a break or working for a year or two in urban planning to explore my interests. Therefore, I identified my career direction through my internships and extracurricular interests. I was so keen on knowing why I switched; I even pursued my master's thesis exploring the same (Next article alert!!). The switch was a cumulative effect of many