Why did I choose Recruitment?


People ask me this question a lot! Why did I make the move from urban planning to recruitment? To give you all some background, I completed my bachelor's in urban planning from School of Planning and Architecture Bhopal, which is one of India's top schools and I was awarded proficiency gold medal for securing first rank in the course. Yet I chose to continue my education and career in a completely different field. I'll explain why I did so in this article.

Just because I made the switch, the soft skills I gained during my bachelor's education and my competitive nature to be on top never went away. I wasn't interested in taking a break or working for a year or two in urban planning to explore my interests. Therefore, I identified my career direction through my internships and extracurricular interests. I was so keen on knowing why I switched; I even pursued my master's thesis exploring the same (Next article alert!!).

The switch was a cumulative effect of many factors along the way, but the majority of them fall under two events. The first and a vital one was my initiative called 'All About Planning' and the second one was my internships.

All About Planning

Urban planning was a relatively new course, and not many knew about it. I wanted to do something to promote my field of study, so I started this channel to promote urban planning through videos. I don't mean to brag, but I had excellent presentation skills since I was a child. So, I decided to be in the videos and talk about these topics myself. The channel was a hit; I started conducting interviews, built a team, and my videos reached a wide audience. I realised that this was largely due to my social selling and communication skills.

Not only did I collaborate with important personalities in the field, but I also worked with national-level student bodies. There were monetary gains as well. All of this meant I was managing a small business of my own. I realised I was a big thinker who wanted to grab strategic opportunities and hop on great possibilities. With this initiative getting bigger, there was a lot of objection handling as well. I was sure of one thing in the end, 'I wanted to use these skills forever'. I loved it, I was good at it and I wasn't afraid of change!


On the other hand, internships allowed me to apply what I learnt during my urban planning course. I surely thrived through and enjoyed the creative freedom that came with this course. Still, in reality, when I experienced working in the real world, I realised I was neither able to utilise my creativity nor the other skills highlighted above fully. This reason gave me the extra push that was needed to make a final decision to switch.

Being a recruiter, I have been able to make the best use of all the skills I have mentioned in this article. Trust me! I have the freedom to be creative too. So, there it is! The answer to the question 'Why did I choose Recruitment?'

Have you made a similar transition? I would love to know why? Let me know in the comments section below.


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