Quantify Your Accomplishments!

Yes! I say this to almost all my candidates when I am interviewing them. The only time I don't mention it is when they have already quantified their accomplishments. It is crucial to do so, and I'll elaborate on the 'why' in this article. It is vital to understand that your CV is not a job description, so it's essential that you do not just enlist your responsibilities under your experience. Mention your accomplishments and most importantly, quantify them.

It highlights your Value add.

When my client or any organisation in the world is looking to hire someone for a role, they want a person who can best perform and bring the highest value to the position and the organisation. What best way to show this ability you ask? Show them your achievement metrics! Highlight your potential through your proven results and expertise. Show how your work impacted the business.

It shows Credibility

The numbers always show that you have kept track of all your work, and more than that, it is a solid proof of your ability to get the job done. Quantifying your achievements helps me understand your work better, and it is far more significant than listing your responsibilities. Since you are portraying your entire career in your CV, make sure it's credible (some hiring managers are really good at doing the math backwards), unique and show what you have achieved in this job, as opposed to a list of duties that could have been done by anyone in this position.  

It's a great Conversation starter.

I am always intrigued by numbers, and they are the ones to catch my eye at the first instance when I look at a CV. It’s not just me who does that, a lot of hiring managers and recruiters do the same. By default, I always tend to start my conversation about one's experience surrounding these numbers. A candidate's response to this will always include a detailed explanation with examples of how they were able to accomplish those results. What better way to start a conversation than this?

When I suggest my candidates to quantify their accomplishments, they often say it's hard to go back and get those numbers, and I agree it is hard in many cases. Therefore I strongly suggest everyone take a proactive step right now and start keeping track of all your accomplishments and the associated numbers as they happen. Other than creating a great impression with recruiters and hiring managers, this list you maintain would also serve you as a great motivator and a reminder of your potential (and don’t forget that quarterly or annual review with your manager). I have some links below to articles with great tips to help quantify your achievements. Do have a look! 


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