Managing my Business (I mean my Recruitment desk!)

I have always enjoyed taking overall responsibilities for any given task and even more in having an initiative of my own and turning it into a success. This entrepreneurial thirst is well-catered by my career choice. Being an agency recruiter, I get to manage my desk for digital marketing, and there are certain aspects of my role that gives me a sense of managing my own business.

I have explained these aspects in detail below. These are the aspects that get me running on my feet and motivates me to hussle in a space where control over clients, candidates and the process is uncertain and unpredictable.


The process of building a desk is challenging, but the best part of it is the ownership that it offers over the projects and the desk as a whole. I enjoy working on projects where I get the client myself through business development, visit them to understand their culture, negotiate my rates, terms of business and finally find them the best talent through my very own talent pool built over time. Just like owning my business, this sense of ownership drives me to provide the best results for all stakeholders involved.

Brand Building

The value of having an established brand name is enormous, especially for my clients and candidates to trust me when I am assisting them with decisions that have drastic impacts on their lives/businesses. Just like any business goes through the process of building its brand, I also go through a similar approach to establish my name in the digital space as a go-to person. I love staying updated with the latest news in the field, have in-depth knowledge to make informed conversations and share relevant content to build my trustworthiness.

Business Development

There is an added advantage when it comes to working with businesses that you are intrigued by, like and admire. The freedom of choice provided in this role to develop my desk with companies of my choice is significant. It stimulates my existing interest to recruit the best in my field.

Financial Responsibility

To be a profitable consultant, I always plan and set myself goals which I further derive into parameters that help me achieve my final revenue goal—all of this, alongside achieving the already given targets by the organisation. I was also recently introduced to the concept of cost per seat by our Managing Director, which helped me to understand the overall structure better and to formulate a plan to become more profitable.


As independent and entrepreneurial, this role can be, teamwork plays an important part. I certainly enjoy both these aspects of my role. When it comes to strategising sourcing plan while working on a project together, analysing the overall performance of the functions and setting common goals, I thoroughly enjoy the collaboration, knowledge sharing and learning from each other.

Customer Service

It is crucial to bring new clients and work with great talent, but it is equally vital to deliver exceptional service to retain them. The sole responsibility to provide this is on me, and I consider this an excellent opportunity to establish mutual loyalty. Considering relationships to be long term in this field, this is another crucial element of managing my desk.

Overall, these aspects provide me with a great deal of control over my desk. In times when my service offering is greatly affected by various stakeholders, they help me keep my motivation high. The similarity there is between managing a business and managing my recruitment desk is unmatched.


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